23 Things

Welcome to the TrainingPD online course website.  TrainingPD (Training & Professional Development) currently offers 2 free courses  based around the 23 Things concept.

One course is for people that have yet to embrace the online environment.  By this I mean they know how to email, they may have a Facebook account and they buy stuff on Ebay.  They have heard of ‘The Cloud’, blogging and Dropbox but have little idea what it is.  They get frustrated when having to create new accounts and haven’t worked out how to store all those usernames and passwords.  23 Things – The Basics is for them.

The second FREE course offered through the TrainingPD website is 23 Things – PLN.  This course will give your professional (or personal) learning network a super boost. This course is for those people that are ready to connect with other like minded people.  They may know someone that has already tapped into the PLN concept, but are not sure where to start, or even if it has any relevance for them.  On completion of this course they will be switched on, connected learners, skilled in building and maintaining links with others they value the same things as they do.

.TrainingPD is a part of the Think Fizz organisation.